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Our Pastor

Demer Webb

Senior Pastor

Demer Webb became the Lead Pastor of CBC in June of 2021. He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Prairie Bible Institute in Alberta and has studied at the Master’s level at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. 
In a world hungry for joy, peace, and satisfaction, Demer's mission is to help people turn to the all-satisfying Bread of Life and the all-sufficient Lamb of God to meet the deepest needs of their souls. 

Demer’s passion for the local church flows from his conviction that the church is God’s household and family where the bond of the Spirit is thicker than blood. Demer desires to shepherd a vibrant Christian community centered on God’s Word, growing in horizontal love and reconciliation, and testifying to the world the reality of its vertical reconciliation with God. Such a loving, Word-centered community is well poised to be a powerful witness to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Above all, Demer’s heart is to show the world that the value and joy found in Jesus Christ exceeds earthly treasures, sinful pleasures, and any other thing we can possess.

Demer is married to Dana and they have three children. In addition to serving his church, Demer enjoys hiking, NFL football, board games, and has a special affinity for the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien.

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