Central Baptist Church

If you are looking for a church home or just here for a visit;
Central Baptist will welcome you.

About Us


Our Purpose: 
We exist to carry out the "Great Commission" by living out the "Great Commandment." 

Our Passion: 

To glorify God by helping people develop a loving relationship with God, each other, and their neighbor. 

Our Core Values:
Worship - It is our desire to help people worship God individually and together as the assembled body of believers. 

Discipleship- Our goal is to help people become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. 

Servant Ministry- God has gifted every believer to do ministry. We strive for every person to exercise their gifts and talents in the service of God and the building up of the body of Christ. 
Fellowship - We desire to develop such loving relationships in our church that we will share life deeply together. 

Evangelism - People need the Lord. We will endeavor to build loving relationships with those who may be seeking the Lord in order to share the "Good News" of Jesus Christ with them.

Our denominational affiliation is Southern Baptist:
There are many different "brands" of Baptists. Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) refers primarily to our heritage. We have our beginnings in the South. We are baptisitic in faith and doctrine, but carry out the Great Commission through cooperating with other SBC churches. We are known for our evangelistic emphasis and church planting around the world. We have a large support network which provides resources for churches like ours. We also work together to provide physical aid to hurting and needy people everywhere. Finally, we are autonomous. That is, each SBC church is free to govern itself. We are not controlled by a denominational hierarchy. The members of the church are the final authority under God for the ministry of the church. However, we do cooperate with other SBC churches in order to provide optimum efficiency in doing mission work at home and abroad.


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